The College remains to this end, a College of life changing experience’

Welcome to Central Birmingham College. We hope that you enjoy your period of study with us and go on to achieve yet higher educational and training goals.

We are a small accredited organisation providing educational and professional programmes, tailored on a flexible delivery basis for students with work commitment, child and adult – caring responsibilities etc. The College started in 2003 and closed temporary after the COVID pandemic. After much searching we decided to reopen. From January 2024 we will be providing short ‘stepping stone’ programmes throughout the UK on a flexible basis and thereafter, in Sepetember 2024 return to providing full academic programmes.

Our journey has been long and goals remains the same in providing flexible accessible educational and training programmes where educational achievements remain paramount. We have worked with many organisations and institutions in partnership e.g. PGCE Teacher training Programme at Birmingham City University, Colleges and Organisations etc and will continue to develop new partnership not only in the UK but throughout the World. We are currently in negotiation with a number of future based Asian, African and Caribbean partnership based organisation who will help us in delivering Educational programmes on an International On-line basis post 2024. We are also developing a number of external professional community based fee paying services in such undertakings as Immigration Advice (Home Office licence requirement in progress) Teacher Mentorship and external Exam Invigilation for Schools and Colleges (retired teachers and trainers). These we believe will ehance our business community engagement model and enable both business growth and further college development.

The College has many activities to enhance learning and development and would encourage all students to fully participate so as to get the best results out of each programme undertaken. Hence we encourage a community spirit to learning and training. As such this is reflected in and by the hard work undertaken by our dedicated and professional teaching staff. Our short courses introductory programmes starts in January 2024 and these are often ‘sign posted’ stepping stones toward a profession/ training or specified goal undertaken on a ‘bite size basis’.

Hence our aims and goals remain steadfast and that is to encourage individuals into accessing learning, training and developmental programmes at your On-line ‘fingertips.’ So come along and join us and make that first step toward ‘goal achievement and goal advancement.


Principal Head

Bertram Richards LLB (Hons) M.A.,

Central Birmingham College